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Posted by admin on May - 3 - 2017

IcoMoon is an icon resolution, providing 3 main services: Vector Icon Packs, The IcoMoon App, and hosting icons as SVGs or fonts.

IcoMoon App

Head over to using a trendy browser to start out the IcoMoon app. This HTML5 application permits you to quickly browse and search the icons as per your wish. You’ll transfer these icons, do some basic writing, import your own icons, build icon fonts (a font with icons as its glyphs) or generate icons in SVG, Polymer, PDF, XAML, PNG and CSS sprites. This app is additionally obtainable within the Chrome web Store (runs offline).
Carefully Handcrafted

IcoMoon’s icons are fastidiously designed on a 16×16 grid. As a result, these icons look crisp and sharp in sizes as little as 16px. See this 16px preview of all the icons obtainable within the final pack.

Why Icon Fonts?

The online is optimized for displaying text. Simply modification the colour of your icons or apply alternative CSS effects. There are clear definitions for icons and emojis within the Unicode. Fonts have continuously been meant to be used for letters yet as icons.


Victimization icon fonts, ever-changing the scale of your icons would be as simple as ever-changing the font size.


Font icons are vector and backbone freelance. They appear sensible on each high and low PPI displays, on each mobile and desktop device.

By having your icons during a font, you’ll load them with one hypertext transfer protocol request.


Once done right, icon fonts are 100% accessible and compatible with screen readers. Involved regarding dyslexic folks or extensions that enable shift fonts? There’s an easy CSS answer.

Use Locally:

By putting in custom designed TTF fonts on your system, you may use them in numerous totally different style and written material applications. Assignment ligatures to your glyphs would build victimization them even easier.

Why IcoMoon?

Build Custom Fonts

Using the IcoMoon App, you’ll be able to build your own custom fonts that solely contain the icons that you just want.

Pixel good Results

unlike similar services, the IcoMoon app takes grid sizes of icons under consideration and generates crisp, constituent good results. With a correct alignment, the font size you set would directly translate to the dimensions of the icons.

Free Icons, Free App

The IcoMoon app is free. You do not have to pay something or return any credit for victimization it. IcoMoon’s Library options several top quality icon sets. All of those icons area unit designed on a grid and that they area unit optimized to be used with the IcoMoon app. add any set you want to simply browse and search its icons.
Import Your Own Vectors

Custom fonts

In the IcoMoon app; you’ll be able to import your own vectors (SVG pictures or SVG fonts). Commercialism icons happen regionally, in your browser. Your vectors will not get uploaded to our servers once you import them. Some basic redaction choices like moving, mirroring and rotating area unit accessible too.

Works Offline

Once loaded in your browser, the IcoMoon app works offline. Once you import Associate icon or generate a font, everything happens regionally, in your own browser. Your icons/fonts will not be uploaded to our servers. You’ll be able to even load the IcoMoon app once you don’t have any association if you put in it from the Chrome web Store.

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