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WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts

Posted by admin on June - 26 - 2017

Knowing your computer’s keyboard shortcuts will enhance productivity manifolds. Similarly,your potency of functioning on WordPress also can get a moment boost. You will recognize this keyboard shourcuts enhance our productivity and very helpful.

wordpress-keyboard-shortcutsParticularly for the people that don’t wish to switch between keyboard and mouse unendingly, these keyboard shortcuts will prove nothing but a blessing.

Post Editing

This wherever the fun begins. Learning all the post editor shortcuts can assist you edit and format your content quickly. Below the keyboard shortcuts measure all the content management, Editing and format shortcuts you’ll have to be compelled to produce content on WordPress.

Highlight content per character:Shift + ← / →

Highlight content per word:Ctrl + Shift + ← / →

Highlight above/below line:Shift + ↑ / ↓,/span>

Select all content:Ctrl + A

Paste content without formatting:Ctrl + Shift + V

Content formatting

Strikethrough text: Shift + Alt + D

Insert link:Ctrl + K

Remove link:Shift + Alt + S

Apply Heading1(H1) Shift + Alt + 1

Apply Heading2(H2) Shift + Alt + 2

Apply Heading3(H4) Shift + Alt + 3

Apply Heading4(h4) Shift + Alt + 4

Apply Heading5(H5) Shift + Alt + 5

Apply Heading6(H6) Shift + Alt + 6

Apply Paragraph Formatting:Shift + Alt + 7

Start Bullet List:Shift + Alt + U

Start Numbered List:Shift + Alt + O

Blockquote:Shift + Alt + Q

Apply code formatting: Shift + Alt + X

Apply Address formatting: Shift + Alt + 9

Align center:Shift + Alt + C

Align right:Shift + Alt + R

Align left: Shift + Alt + L

Justify:Shift + Alt + J

Add media: Shift + Alt + M

Toggle toolbar: Shift + Alt + Z

Insert Page Break tag:Shift + Alt + P

Insert Read More tag: Shift + Alt + T

Enable/disable Distraction free mode:Shift + Alt + W

Open help: Shift + Alt + H


WordPress has dedicated shortcuts for comment moderation section to form it straightforward to manage comments. However, initially you have to change the keyboard shortcuts for the comment moderation section before exploitation them. Here’s a way to do it:

  • Go to your WordPress user profile and change the choice “Enable keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation”.
  • This can activate all the shortcuts that I even have listed below.
  • Do confine mind that every user profile should manually change these shortcuts before exploitation them enable comments


Comment navigation

J and K keys are the sole keys you’ll have to be compelled to navigate the comments.

Pressing J can move you down within the comments, If no comments are select, then the primary one will be select, K can move you up within the comments.

Also, if you reach the lowest, J can move you to consequent that is next page. and so K can move you back to the previous page.

Comment actions

Below are some single key shortcuts that will work when a comment or multiple comments are highlighted:

Approve comment:A

Mark as spam:S

Move to trash:D

Undo recent action: Z

Unapprove comment:U

Reply to comment:R

Enable quick edit:Q

Open comment editing screen:E

Apply actions in bulk

There are some shortcuts you can use to apply bulk actions to manage the comments section. You can find these in the following:

Select all comments:Shift + X

Approve all selected comments:Shift + A

Trash selected comments:Shift + T

Permanently delete selected comments:Shift + D

Mark selected comments as spam:Shift + S

Unapprove selected comments:Shift + U

Restore select comments: Shift + Z

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