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Things To Remove From Your Website Immediately

Posted by admin on June - 13 - 2016

1. Avoid Vague Headlines
What to do instead:
Flip the header and sub header if your headline is vague, but the text below is specific.
Make the headline text descriptive, so every visitor can tell what you do, at a glance, within seconds.

2. Avoid Social Media Icons In Your Header
What to do instead:
Link to social networks cautiously. Here are a few guidelines:
Add social media icons to your website footer, rather than the header.
Change the colour of the icons so they are not so visually prominent. If you show the colour, do so on the roll-over.
Link only to social networks where you are genuinely active, both sharing content and interacting with followers

3. Avoid Meaningless Section Headers
What to do instead:
Write descriptive headers for sections.
Or just remove the header completely, making the items in the section more prominent.

4. Avoid Dates on the Blog
What to do instead:
Remove the date stamp from your blog posts!
Make sure that the date doesn’t appear in URLs or in headlines either.

5. Avoid YouTube Suggested Videos
What to do instead:
Turn off suggested videos by unchecking a box while grabbing the “embed” code from YouTube.

6. Avoid Long Paragraphs
What to do instead:
Never write a paragraph longer than three or four lines.
Add other formatting to make your content more scannable: bullets, bolding, internal links, etc. If it helps, use our content check list.
7. Avoid Stock Photos of People
What to do instead:
Invest in a bit in photography. Dress up for picture day.
No budget? Take a selfie. Authentic is more important than polished.

8. Avoid Press Releases
What to do instead:
Rewrite your press release as a blog post or news article, adapting it for the web. Include the following elements, which probably weren’t part of the original release:
Images: a featured image with the headline within the image, plus additional images throughout the content
Formatting: subheaders, bulleted lists, bolding, italics, etc.
Links: one link to another post, another link to a product or service page
Marketing: Keywords, mentions from influencers and other calls-to-action

9. Avoid PDF Files
What to do instead:
All content should be HTML pages.
Use PDFs as an alternate version when information is likely to be printed or downloaded.

10. Avoid Ads for Your Own Stuff
What to do instead:
Promote your content within your content, native advertising style.
Add simple, text-based calls-to-action at the bottom of every page.

11. Your Testimonials Page
What to do instead:
Remove your testimonials page.
Add testimonials to every page of the site! Especially when the quote is relevant to the marketing claim.

12. Email Links
What to do instead:
Remove every email link from your website
Add a simple contact form with a thank you page
Tell Analytics the address of this thank you page by setting up goals
Setup an auto-response email, telling your new leads when you’ll be in touch
Make sure your CMS saves a backup of every submission. Email doesn’t always get through!

13. Greedy Forms
What to do instead:
Ask for only basic contact information, or the minimum information needed to direct and respond to the lead.
Ask additional questions over phone or email when you follow up.

14. “Submit” as a Call to Action
What to do instead:
Highlight the benefit to the visitor in the CTA.
Use first person voice and descriptive action words.

15. Dead End Thank You Pages
What to do instead:
Give the visitor another subsequent action.
Find and fix every dead end on your website and keep visitors flowing.

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