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Use Excel to Calculate Between Dates

Posted by admin on September - 4 - 2017 Comments Off on Use Excel to Calculate Between Dates
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Calculating the number of days between two dates by your own thinking is too difficult for long-term dates. You need math ability to find the days. Don’t believe me? How many days are there between March 19, 2014 and May 10, 2017? If you can able to find it within five seconds, then you are the genius. But it takes more time than that. To calculate it, obviously you will  [ Read More ]

How to retrieve facebook content?

Posted by admin on June - 8 - 2016 Comments Off on How to retrieve facebook content?
Face book

You can easily recover anything on facebook which you may accidently be deleted in past. Just try the below steps to have the better experience with Facebook.   Login your Facebook Account. Go to Facebook General Account Settings. At the end of the Temperature setting box, You can see a text written as “Download a copy of your Facebook Data”. Click on it, now you will redirect to the next  [ Read More ]

Voice Feature in “Google docs”

Posted by admin on April - 27 - 2016 0 Comment

Google launched a voice feature in “Google docs”. Users no need to use keyboard, they can only speak and watch their words which appears on the screen. Users can personally Dictate for Create Documents and Edit Without Touching Keyboard. Users can simply say for editing and formatting a document, they can use simple commands like “copy,” “insert table,” ‘new paragraph’ and “highlight.” The product manager of google, Mr.Isaiah Greene explained  [ Read More ]

Alternatives of Picasa

Posted by admin on March - 30 - 2016 0 Comment

Picasa was a unique photo management tool that viewed, catalogued, edited images and movies which could then be shared, emailed or uploaded to Picasa Web Albums. Picasa Supported PSD JPEG,  PNG, TIFF and BMP formats. Google has ended the support for Picasa. From 1st May, the uploaded Picasa photos will be automatically be added to Google Photos. Picasa web album works on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows  [ Read More ]

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