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Sublime Text Editor

Posted by admin on March - 22 - 2017

Sublime Text Editor: Sublime Text may be a proprietary cross-platform Python application programming interface(API) text file editor with a Python application programming interface (API).

It natively supports several programming languages and markup languages, and its practicality may be extended by users with plugins, usually community-built and maintained underneath free-software licenses.


Sublime Text can be a delicate text editor for code, markup and prose. You’ll love the slick software package, extraordinary choices and fantastic performance.



Sublime Text contains twenty two totally different visual themes, with the choice to transfer extra themes and put together custom themes via third-party plugins.

The minimap feature shows a reduced summary of the complete go into the top-right corner of the screen. The portion of the file visible within the main editor pane is highlighted and clicking or dragging during this read scrolls the editor through the file

Panels, groups and screen modes

The program offers variety of screen modes as well as panels which will show up to four files quickly likewise as full screen and distraction free modes that solely show one file with none of the extra menus around it.


Column selection and multi-select editing:

This feature permits users to pick entire columns quickly or place quite one indicator in text, that permits for coinciding written material. All cursors then behave as if every of them was the sole one within the text.


Commands like move by character, move by line, text choice, move by words, move by subwords (CamelCase, hyphen or underscore delimited), move to beginning/end of line etc., have an effect on all cursors severally, permitting one to edit slightly complicated repetitive structures quickly while not the necessity to use macros or regex

Auto completion

Sublime Text can supply to finish entries because the user is writing counting on the language getting used. It conjointly auto-completes variables created by the user.

Syntax highlight and high distinction show

The dark background on elegant Text is meant to cut back fatigue and increase the number of distinction with the text.

In-editor code building

This feature permits users to run code for sure languages from at intervals the editor, that eliminates the requirement to change resolute the command and back once more. This operate may be set to create the code mechanically on every occasion the file is saved.

sublime-multi file-search


This feature permits users to avoid wasting blocks of often used code and assign keywords to them. The user will then kind the keyword and press tab to stick the block of code whenever they need it.

Goto Anything:

This feature may be a tool that enables users to change between open, recent or project files and conjointly navigate to symbols at intervals them.

Other options:

Sublime Text incorporates a variety of options additionally to those including:

  • Auto-save, that makes an attempt to prevents users from losing their work
  • Customization key bindings, a guidance tool that permits users to assign hotkeys to their selection of choices in each the menus and also the toolbar.
  • Notice as you kind, begins to seem for the text being entered because the user varieties while not requiring a separate window.
  • Spell check operate corrects as you kind.
  • Repeat the last action.
  • A large choice of redaction commands, together with indenting and unindenting, paragraph reformatting and line connection.

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