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Setup Google Drive Share Links Expiry Date

Posted by admin on September - 3 - 2016

In order to avoid the misuse or other security reasons the Google drive shared files and data, we can set the expiry date and time for our shared Google drive links.
Steps To set an Expiry Date for Google Drive Share Links:

1. Initially we have to do some settings in the Google Drive account to make the access to the Google Drive account, so now open the “Script Page” on your browser.

2. Once open the script page in the browser it will ask you to login your Google account and it asks you for the permission. Refer the below image. Now click the “Review Permissions” button in the script page


3. After the permission acceptance, that is you are setting the permission to the script page to contact your Google drive account.

4. Now you can open the drive file and select the file you want to share.


5. Set an Expiry Date for Google Drive Share Links


5. Once you have set up the expiry time for the share links that the script page has automatically generated for the selected file, your file will be then shared and with the Expiry time feature.Set an Expiry Date for Google Drive Share Links


Note: You can also cancel the shared links or you can delete the shared link before the expiry time also by clicking on the ‘Cancel’ option placed aside the shared files details.

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