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Recruitment Process Outsourcin
Recruitment Process Outsourcing in Chennai, RPO, Recruitment Outsourcing, Recruitment, Outsourcing, RPO in Chennai, Online Outsourcing, RPO services India

RECRUITMENT PROCESS OUTSOURCING (RPO) RPO-TODAY’S CHALLENGES TOMORROW’S OPPORTUNITIES Build the perfect team of employees with SATVAT’S – RPO SATVAT INFOSOL provides recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and work behind the scene while you concentrate on your core competency areas i.e. management and leadership that enables superior results to be achieved towards the attainment of ...

Web design and development

Choosing the right and best web design and Development Company yields life time results and you make the right decision when you choose SATVAT as your web design and web Development Company. When you choose SATVAT INFOSOL, you choose professionalism, dedication, quality, experience, and a lifetime relationship. Your company's, personality, professionalism and ...

Online Examination
Online Examination Services

SATVAT INFOSOL’s online examination system is fully  customizable to suit your need. Having served both top-notch educational institutions and corporate, our online exams system has proved its quality. Given SATVAT’S vast experience in the Indian environment and having conducted computer based entrance examination successfully over the last 5 years, SATVAT has ...

Admission Process Outsourcing

APO - Admission Process Outsourcing SATVAT INFOSOL has made an impact in the field of Admission Process Outsourcing where we work as the “Admissions Office” and are an extended team of the college/ University. The outsourcing process works elegantly and has saved institutions costs of manpower and also helps them take specialists for ...

Ebalak - Children's Monthly CD
Children's CD magazine

GET GREAT VALUE THROUGHOUT THE YEAR WITH E-BALAK - A complete E-Learning solution for kids. A CHILDREN’S MONTHLY CD MAGAZINE DEVELOPED BY SATVAT INFOSOL, an ISO: 9001:2008 Certified company. E-Balak, a kid’s magazine published by Satvat Infosol is a monthly CD Magazine developed exclusively for children. E-Balak propels the imagination of the ...

Free Online HTML Editors to Test Your Code

Posted by admin on January - 4 - 2018 Comments Off on Free Online HTML Editors to Test Your Code
Code Editor, Code Editor Online, HTML Code Editor, HTML Code Editor Online, CSS Code Editor, JS Code Editor, Free Online HTML Code Editor, Code Editors to test your Code

Why Use an Online HTML Editor? The best thing regarding online HTML editors is that they run directly in your web browser. Your web browser is that the best and most relevant tool for process and rendering HTML code. That is, after all, its entire purpose and reason for being. Which means that your browser is best-equipped for period of time previews of HTML. Once you write web markup in  [ Read More ]

Command Prompt Tricks and Tips

Posted by admin on December - 28 - 2017 Comments Off on Command Prompt Tricks and Tips

Microsoft needs users to move over from Command prompt to PowerShell, however there are sensible reasons to not, the chief one being that PowerShell is a lot of advanced and suited to power users. Command prompt remains the higher choice for everyday users. Learn a lot of in our summary of variations between Command prompt and PowerShell. But simply because Command prompt is less complicated doesn’t mean it’s primitive. You’ll  [ Read More ]

5 HTML Elements You Might Not Know How to Use

Posted by admin on December - 18 - 2017 Comments Off on 5 HTML Elements You Might Not Know How to Use

There will be some new options of HTML are there but its less acknowledged applications that haven’t yet come into your radar, we cover them quite often on this website. In today’s post, let us discuss about this 5 HTML elements, Some of the tags can be used as frequently, however most likely not at its full potential. 1. <data> The <data> element has a similar function to the data-*  [ Read More ]

YouTube Kids

Posted by admin on December - 12 - 2017 Comments Off on YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids could be a family friendly app on the Google Play Store and therefore the iOS App Store. This App created only for children. The app’s purpose is to produce a version of YouTube for younger children, with parental management options and video filters. Additionally to content from YouTube on YouTube Kids, there’s featured content created for YouTube Kids like the shows Hyperlinked, Kings of imaginary place, and DanTDM  [ Read More ]

Google’s Datally

Posted by admin on December - 11 - 2017 Comments Off on Google’s Datally

Mobile data is expensive for several people around the world. And what’s worse, it’s arduous to work out wherever it all goes. Which means you are ne’er simply chatting, enjoying games or observance videos on your phone—you’re additionally uneasily keeping a watch on however long your data can last. Google has released a new android app to control and monitor the mobile data, which is called as Datally. Datally shows  [ Read More ]

Effective Color Tools for Web Designers

Posted by admin on December - 6 - 2017 Comments Off on Effective Color Tools for Web Designers

Setting a basic color theme for your web design project can be a simple task, however, deciding upon the proper mixtures or bobbing up with a combination could get tough, particularly once you don’t know that color tool would work best for you. So to assist confirm the most effective color schemes for your projects, here are a number of the most effective color tools for webs designers. Let’s consider  [ Read More ]

Firefox Quantum 57 Is Here To Kill Google Chrome

Posted by admin on November - 23 - 2017 Comments Off on Firefox Quantum 57 Is Here To Kill Google Chrome
Firefox Quantum 57 Is Here To Kill Google Chrome

Mozilla is about to launch Firefox 57 or Firefox Quantum, the first-ever Quantum-fueled Firefox version on Windows, Linux and macOS machines. Firefox Quantum consumes almost 30% less RAM compare to its rival Google Chrome.   Firefox Quantum 57 Is Here To Kill Google Chrome   There are many reasons why people choose to stick with Google Chrome browser instead of Mozilla Firefox. However, Firefox doesn’t seem to give up and  [ Read More ]

Common PC Problems and How to Troubleshoot Them

Posted by admin on November - 14 - 2017 Comments Off on Common PC Problems and How to Troubleshoot Them
Common PC Problem, System Problem, How to rectify system Problem, Computer Repair, Easy Computer Repair steps, Computer Repair Solution, Troubleshooting System Problem, PC Problem

You don’t have to be compelled to run to the repair shop every time your PC ends up with an problem. Several of the common PC issues have a rather easy answer, and you’ll fix them yourself with a number of easy steps.   To help you troubleshoot common PC issues yourself, I actually have listed some  most typical PC hardware issues and what your choices are if you face  [ Read More ]

Free Tools for Testing Responsive Layouts

Posted by admin on November - 6 - 2017 Comments Off on Free Tools for Testing Responsive Layouts

Every trendy web site desires a responsive design. This will need a lot of effort however the end result’s worthy. I really recommend testing your concepts with responsive design tools to examine how your website appearance at every stage. You’ll be able to hunt for usability problems on totally different screen sizes all from one handy tool. And these free tools are my prime picks for responsive testing since they’re  [ Read More ]

Useful Tools and Resources for Designers in 2017

Posted by admin on October - 30 - 2017 Comments Off on Useful Tools and Resources for Designers in 2017

Imagine a brand new client has requested an internet site that needs a couple of options you haven’t had to influence before. It’s a case of the spirit is willing, however the tools you actually want for the work are lacking. This doesn’t happen all that usually, however once continues to be just the once too several if you have got to say no the project. Perhaps it’s a tool  [ Read More ]

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