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Recruitment Process Outsourcin
Recruitment Process Outsourcing in Chennai, RPO, Recruitment Outsourcing, Recruitment, Outsourcing, RPO in Chennai, Online Outsourcing, RPO services India

RECRUITMENT PROCESS OUTSOURCING (RPO) RPO-TODAY’S CHALLENGES TOMORROW’S OPPORTUNITIES Build the perfect team of employees with SATVAT’S – RPO SATVAT INFOSOL provides recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and work behind the scene while you concentrate on your core competency areas i.e. management and leadership that enables superior results to be achieved towards the attainment of ...

Web design and development

Choosing the right and best web design and Development Company yields life time results and you make the right decision when you choose SATVAT as your web design and web Development Company. When you choose SATVAT INFOSOL, you choose professionalism, dedication, quality, experience, and a lifetime relationship. Your company's, personality, professionalism and ...

Online Examination
Online Examination Services

SATVAT INFOSOL’s online examination system is fully  customizable to suit your need. Having served both top-notch educational institutions and corporate, our online exams system has proved its quality. Given SATVAT’S vast experience in the Indian environment and having conducted computer based entrance examination successfully over the last 5 years, SATVAT has ...

Admission Process Outsourcing

APO - Admission Process Outsourcing SATVAT INFOSOL has made an impact in the field of Admission Process Outsourcing where we work as the “Admissions Office” and are an extended team of the college/ University. The outsourcing process works elegantly and has saved institutions costs of manpower and also helps them take specialists for ...

Ebalak - Children's Monthly CD
Children's CD magazine

GET GREAT VALUE THROUGHOUT THE YEAR WITH E-BALAK - A complete E-Learning solution for kids. A CHILDREN’S MONTHLY CD MAGAZINE DEVELOPED BY SATVAT INFOSOL, an ISO: 9001:2008 Certified company. E-Balak, a kid’s magazine published by Satvat Infosol is a monthly CD Magazine developed exclusively for children. E-Balak propels the imagination of the ...

Intently – Replaces Ads with Graphics

Posted by admin on July - 17 - 2017 Comments Off on Intently – Replaces Ads with Graphics

Ad blockers are the additional helpful tools accessible that facilitate separate ads from apps, games or browsers which can bother and distract the users. However, within the method of filtering out those ads, these ad blockers tend to go away a web site with additional surface area, which might create the web site look emptier. If having space on website doesn’t attractiveness to you, then intently may be your ideal  [ Read More ]

Best Web Search Engines – Google Alternatives

Posted by admin on July - 10 - 2017 Comments Off on Best Web Search Engines – Google Alternatives

There is no doubt that Google is the most used search engine in the world and it is anticipated to be thus for much longer as a result of it’s the most effective among all different. Google also offers lot of free services like Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Maps. Nowadays, most of our online activities are depends on those Google’s free services. Let us see best alternative search engines  [ Read More ]

How to revisit your website’s old data

Posted by admin on July - 4 - 2017 Comments Off on How to revisit your website’s old data

Web crawlers: Web crawlers are perpetually scouring the internet, saving and indexing. You’ll be able to search this indexed content. Here are some FREE websites that you just will use to try and do this: ► Way Back Machine This website is powered by the Internet Archive, this website allows users to search and view for the old versions of web pages. Here you have to type the website URL  [ Read More ]

Google added a new capability to post in “Google My business listing”

Posted by admin on June - 29 - 2017 Comments Off on Google added a new capability to post in “Google My business listing”

Google recently added a new feature in “Google My business listing” that Users can add a Post through their Google my business listing admin panel How to create a Post and managed In Google My Business Panel, the posts related things are appeared. The post creation process is varying from mobile and desktop. But the basic work flow will remain the same. To create a post in Google My Business,  [ Read More ]

WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts

Posted by admin on June - 26 - 2017 Comments Off on WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts

Knowing your computer’s keyboard shortcuts will enhance productivity manifolds. Similarly,your potency of functioning on WordPress also can get a moment boost. You will recognize this keyboard shourcuts enhance our productivity and very helpful. Particularly for the people that don’t wish to switch between keyboard and mouse unendingly, these keyboard shortcuts will prove nothing but a blessing. Post Editing This wherever the fun begins. Learning all the post editor shortcuts can  [ Read More ]

List of RUN commands each window users should know

Posted by admin on June - 20 - 2017 Comments Off on List of RUN commands each window users should know

We should admit that Microsoft’s Windows Operating system implements several options. That’s the reason why Windows is often the primary preference of each regular user because it is straightforward to control and implements various facilities.   Well, Run commands are one among the foremost helpful things we will point out. Antecedently we’ve got shared an editorial during which we’ve got listed few strategies to form your own run commands in  [ Read More ]

Optimize the Chrome Browsing Experience with some of the Extensions

Posted by admin on June - 13 - 2017 Comments Off on Optimize the Chrome Browsing Experience with some of the Extensions

Some of the Chrome extensions are listed below that optimize your browsing experience, Google When Search Preview Fresh Start One Tab The Great Suspender Mercury Reader Google When It is Google chrome extension which used to track your Google search and tells the exact time about your previous Google search results on the same link. The main purpose of this extension is not to waste time by spending more time  [ Read More ]

The Best Websites for various features

Posted by admin on June - 9 - 2017 Comments Off on The Best Websites for various features

The internet is a massive place with the plenty of content. Over one billion websites at the time of writing.To help create things easier, we’ve compiled this huge list of the simplest websites on the web, split into their relevant category.These website list are genuinely helpful, top-of-the-line sites (not apps) where you’ll find what you want. NEWS The best websites for “News” listed below, Google News Comprehensive, up-to-date news coverage,  [ Read More ]

Google Adsense

Posted by admin on May - 31 - 2017 Comments Off on Google Adsense
google adsense

What Is Google Adsense? Google Adsense is a CPC (cost-per-click) advertising program that enables publishers (anyone needing to place ads on their websites) to insert small quantity of hypertext mark-up language(HTML)  into their sites and have ads  appear that are targeted and relevant to the content of the site. The advertisements are controlled and managed by Google and Web publishers simply need to create a free AdSense account and copy  [ Read More ]

Useful Tools and Services for Web Developers

Posted by admin on May - 23 - 2017 Comments Off on Useful Tools and Services for Web Developers

We understand that how tools and services are important for the web professionals. We tend to analyze and check out them to bring you the simplest ones. Some of the important tools and services for the web developers are listed below, codester.com BugHerd actiTIME CSS Design House LuckyOrange Codester.com: Codester.com is a web| marketplace wherever you’ll purchase or sell all sorts of web development tools at one place. Also, as  [ Read More ]