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Some of the Chrome extensions are listed below that optimize your browsing experience,

  • Google When
  • Search Preview
  • Fresh Start
  • One Tab
  • The Great Suspender
  • Mercury Reader

Google When


It is Google chrome extension which used to track your Google search and tells the exact time about your previous Google search results on the same link. The main purpose of this extension is not to waste time by spending more time for the already visited or old links.

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Search Preview


This chrome extension gives the enhanced Google search results for the users. It adds the website thumbnails beside the search result page.

I t works one works on three other engines too: DuckDuckGo, Bing, and Yahoo.

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If there’s one common criticism shared by all Chrome users, it’s that Chrome uses approach an excessive amount of RAM.There’s a reason for this: RAM is what permits it to be therefore quick, stable, and secure. However the downside? each further tab needs a lot of RAM, and if you run out of RAM, your system slows down dramatically.

One Tab

There’s a reason for this: RAM is what permits it to be therefore quick, stable, and secure. However the downside? Each further tab needs additional RAM, and if you run out of RAM, your system slows down dramatically. That’s why you wish OneTab. With the clicking of a button, OneTab stows away all of your current tabs into an inventory for safe keeping. You’ll then restore those tabs later, either as you wish them or all quickly. It permits you to juggle dozens of tabs while not wasting valuable RAM — the most effective of each worlds.

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The Great Suspender

On the one hand, Chrome wants lots of C.P.U. cycles so as to supply a sleek and snappy expertise. On the opposite hand, this will kill battery life, that is why you shouldn’t use Chrome on laptops like MacBooks.

great Suspender

Normally, Chrome keeps all open tabs active. If you have got JavaScript-heavy or Flash-heavy pages open, they’ll keep running within the background even though you turn to a different tab. the good wear reduces CPU usage by suspending inactive tabs and restoring them as you would like them.

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As way as session managers go, FreshStart is one among the simplest. you most likely have completely different “sets” of tabs, right? as an example, you may have a couple of tabs associated with photography, another few associated with work, some for vice, others for news, etc. Managing all of them will be agitated.

This extension enables you to produce separate teams of tabs, referred to as sessions, that you simply will freely switch between. Moreover, FreshStart will autosave sessions each couple of minutes and act as a crash recovery tool. It’s astonishingly helpful if you’re like Maine and have a tendency to stay dozens of tabs open all the time.
Tip: Don’t ignore Chrome user profiles, a inbuilt feature that enables you to produce separate profiles that have their own browsing histories, tabs, cookies, passwords, and more. scan additional on why you ought to begin victimization Chrome profiles.

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Mercury Reader


How typically does one encounter a motivating article that’s delayed by ads, pop-ups, excessive links, and different distracting elements? Mercury Reader is that the one-click answer that strips away the supernumerary, improves readability, and overall makes the online lighter to browse.

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