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More about DROP BOX:

Posted by admin on May - 13 - 2017

I usually thought Drop box as an easy cloud storage service that you simply will use to save lots of and share your files and folders. However as I started dig deeper into its functionalities, I found myself nothing however wrong.

Drop boxThis cloud service is thus jam-packed with surprises and has more options than you already recognize off.

Some of the features of Drop box are listed below,

  • Request files from anyone, get them in Drop box
  • Preview almost any file formats
  • Re-access deleted (or left) shared folder
  • Check file’s recent activities
  • Work on files as team
  • Access files without Internet
  • Boost synchronization speed
  • Access older versions of files
  • Get direct download links
  • Share screen shots on the fly
  • Sync only files and folders you need
  • Auto-sync your memories

Now we can see some of the features below,

Request and get the files from anywhere:

If you’re thinking that solely you’ll be able to transfer files to your Drop box, then you’re wrong. File Requests feature permits you to gather and receive files – huge or tiny – from anyone right into your Drop box. And also the additional attention-grabbing issue is that through this feature even that don’t have associate degree account on Drop box will send you files.


Just follow these simple steps to request files anonymously:

  • First Sign in your Drop Box account.
  • Click “File Requests” from the left side bar
  • Then now click on “Create File Request”


  • Write a tiny description of your request, and click on “Change folder” to line the folder for storing the requested files. Then click “Next”.
  • Now copy the given link and share with anyone you would like to receive the files from. You’ll be able to conjointly enter their emails and click on “Send” to send them a request directly.

Preview almost any kind of file format:

If you bought a file from a disciple and your laptop can’t open that file, then simply transfer it to your Drop box. Its “file preview” feature will offer you a preview of the many varieties of files as well as PDF, PSD, AI, PNG, JPG, SVG, BMP and plenty a lot of.

You can additionally scan and edit your docs, sheets, and displays with an easy integration with workplace on-line – a free basic version of Microsoft office that runs in your browser.

Access files without Internet:

While you’re on the go (i.e., using a mobile device), you will want access to some specific files. However, you will not notice a internet connection everyplace you go. For such eventualities, Drop box’s Offline feature involves your rescue.

Steps to get the files Offline;

  • In Drop box’s mobile app, find the files you need to view offline.
  • Tap the icon on right and switch on the “Available offline” toggle, and Drop box will download the files to your device for you to view them without Internet.
  • You can view the offline files, by clicking on “Offline”.           

Share screen shots on the fly:

If you’re uninterested in taking screenshots, dragging them into Drop box so sharing its link with others, then here’s a faster manner of sharing screenshots victimization Drop box. You’ll additionally love this trick if you utilize some third-party tool to share screenshots with others.

All you need to do is enable Drop box’s screenshot sharing feature, as given below:

  • Right-click the “Drop box” icon in the system tray.
  • Click the “gear” icon and choose “Preferences”.
  • Switch to the Import tab, check “Share screenshots using Drop box” and press “OK”.
  • Now take screenshots using Ctrl + Print keys and Drop box will auto-save them to “Dropbox/screenshots” and copy its link to your clipboard automatically, which you can use to share the screenshot quickly than ever.

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