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List of RUN commands each window users should know

Posted by admin on June - 20 - 2017

We should admit that Microsoft’s Windows Operating system implements several options. That’s the reason why Windows is often the primary preference of each regular user because it is straightforward to control and implements various facilities.


Well, Run commands are one among the foremost helpful things we will point out. Antecedently we’ve got shared an editorial during which we’ve got listed few strategies to form your own run commands in Windows operating system.

In this article, we are going to see some of the Run commands that will help you to open anything. For that you just enter the command in the Run Command box to easily access the windows features.

Run command


Just type and enter this command in your Run command box, it will open your ‘C’ Drive. For the next time you simply press “Windowskey+R” and type “\”. It will open your “C” Drive.


This command will open your system’s Home Folder. By this command you can open your “Desktop, Downloads, Documents, Pictures and Videos”. This is the simple way to open your home folder.


This command is used to open the User’s Home folder in your “C” drive. By enter this command in your Run command box you can able to select the “Admin” and “Public” folder.


This command used to immediately open your system “Calculator”


If you want to open your “Advanced user account” Instead of open through “Control Panel” you can just Type the above command in your Run command box the press enter, It will open your “Advanced User Account” immediately.


This command is used to open your system “Disk Manager”. Disk manager allows users to clean the things up and create a new partition or clean the existing partition.


This command is used to open your System “Notepad” in a easy way.


This command will open up system “Sticky notes”. Sticky Notes will be useful if you want to note down anything. Word documents or Notepad takes time to open up. However, Sticky notes stick to your desktop which makes it simple to note down anything easily. Users can use ‘stikynot’ to open up the Sticky Notes.

control.exe /name Microsoft.Troubleshooting

If anything is not working fine on your system, you should do “Trouble shooting” for the specific thing. Just enter this command in your Run command box. It will open the Trouble shooting setting. Trouble shooting will repair or find the existing faults on your system


This command is used to open up your system “wordpad” . You just type “Write” and press enter. It will open your wordpad instantly.


This command used to open the “Local users and their Group Manager” where you can edit the properties of Users and their Groups.


If you are occasionally facing the problem in your network. You should do trouble shooting the network by opening the “Network adapters”. For that you just type this command in your RUN command and press enter, It will open up the “Network Adapters.


Every month Windows releases new version of Microsoft Windows Malware Removal tool through the windows update. This tool silently running on the background of your system. This “Mrt” command used to manually run the malicious removal tool.


This command is used to access the windows power option. Windows hosts a wide range of power options to deal with your computer’s power usage


By using this command you can easily access the “Programs and features” where you can quickly uninstall your installed programs.


This Run command is used to access the Windows Registry which is a hierarchical database that hosts all the configurations and settings of an operating system.


This RUN command used to access the System Properties window.


This RUN command used to access the “System Configuration window” where you can edit the things like boot options, startup options, services, etc.


This command is used to Creates connections to terminal servers or other remote computers, edits an existing Remote Desktop Connection.


If you want to monitor your system performance and to know the effects of the program you run, the performance monitor will provide you the sample date. To open it up just type this command and do enter, you can easily see the see the system performance.

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