In this internet marketing world, everyone is interacting in blog which makes them popular in the blogger communities.Let me tell why you need to do blog comments and what the purpose of it.

To Increase awareness Effective blog commenting techniques in 2012
Before commenting in the blog, read absolutely what the writer want to explicate in his/her blog.By participating in the blogger community you can build the strong relationship with the blogger and commentators. Write branding comments related to the blog post on the topic which has been posted.

Effective blog commenting techniques in 2012 Rank in search engine
There are loads of blogs with high PR allowing “Dofollow” links which helps to boost the rank in search engine.

Effective blog commenting techniques in 2012Direct traffic
If the article is revealing with in content link the reader clicks on the link which gives you the direct traffic for your website.


Marketing Strategy for blog comments
Effective blog commenting techniques in 20121. Is this the first time your joining the blogger community, before commenting read the last five points of the all the previous post written by the author which gives you a sense of the author about his writing style and interest.

2. Read the earlier comment before posting, if there are more than hundred’s of comments it’s enough to read a few comments so that you can know on which topic the conversation is going on.

3.Don’t put direct referral link in your comment, it will result you bad impression as a blogger. This makes the blogger to remove the comment before approval. Maximum put only one referral link to your comment.

4. Show your real identity in profile and picture:  A real hope is developed by a human face and name. This information will be matched by bio of social sites like twitter, facebook and etc., all this points are invaluable but essential.

5. Blogger loves that their work is shared on social media sites such as facebook and twitter as referral link in your post .This gives you the positive impression towards blogger.

6. When your  referral link is irrelevant in the post it could be consider spamming and the comments will be removed, In that situation you can link to your profile page than the home page of your site.

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