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Everyone likes to make others feel good, especially when their loved one is going through a rough patch. There are several ways to share goodness and I would like to tell you a few easy ways to brighten the day of someone you care about.

Good old fashion good karma and the good luck that it stands for is something we all want to have on our side. Take a moment to tell others that you wish them luck or send a note sending them good luck. By offering this to friends and family you not only lift their spirits but they now hold that great belief of possessing goodness and we all know that good things start with believing in them.

Children also have struggles from time to time. School and growing up in general is a hard job and some days are certainly harder than others. My father left a little card for me one morning when things were rough for me at school and almost 25 years later I still remember how great it felt to be reminded of the support around me. Slip a note, into your child’s lunch bag and remind them that they are loved, that they are special and that they are one of a kind. Self confidence is the root of success in youngsters and this is a wonderful way to start kids off on the right foot.

Happy relationships have to be nurtured and the little things are what remind your partner how special they are. Large gifts are really not necessary when you just want to express your love in the morning before work or on your way out of town. Simply write a sweet note with loving statements. It’s super easy to express your love and slide the note right under a windshield wiper or rest on the car seat as a great morning surprise. Continue Reading →

When I think of my 82 year old grandma I think of her tiny yet beautiful garden with its straight rows of veggies. My cousins and I used to “sneak” (Now that I am older I suspect she was watching us from her kitchen window) into the lettuce patch and pick the luscious greens. We would take them into the house and after washing the leaves would smother them in mayonnaise and eat them with relish and delight. My grandma would fake scold us forgetting in her garden and we would laugh and giggle.

Another thing I remember her doing was twiddling her thumbs.I was reminded of this mannerism the other day when I was visiting with a friend and she was doing the same thing. It caught me off guard that someone who is not old was twiddling her thumbs.

Do you ever say to yourself “I sat around all day twiddling my thumbs”? It might be nice if we had that luxury but I know we are all busy and our time is at a premium with everything we have to do. One of the things I see a lot of in magazines at the newsstands are articles on getting rid of clutter and clutter clearing. Continue Reading →

Most of us pick up the newspaper everyday morning with trepidation, lest there be any news of some blast or massacre. Everyday many innocent lives are lost due to terrorism or other anti-social activities. We fret and fume. But soon follow it with a sigh that we as civilians cannot do anything about it. We silently read the news, muttering curses under our breath.

But are we really helpless? No, we can do a lot about it, by creating awareness in the younger generation to ‘Be Good and Do Only Good’. This is what eBalak, a children’s multimedia magazine does.

eBalak has started an initiative to observe November 26, as the ‘World Goodness Day’. The message is simple – ‘Be Good and Do Only Good’. If all of us refrain from doing anything bad on atleast one day, imagine how wonderful the world would be on that day!

And if we all consciously ‘Do Good’ always….the world would be a much better and safe place.

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