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Here I have discuss some easy steps to book irctc tatkal tickets very fast and quick .It is really worked out by me, so many times I get positive results from this steps
1) Conform Travel Details:
Conform the passenger details like name, age , gender , id card type(pan card, driving license , voter id) and id card no. We have possible to book four tickets for one ip address so we have to book only four passengers
Also get details of station codes and date of travel

2) Choose Browser:
Internet explorer is best for irctc tatkal so give fisrt preference to internet explorer. Enter url
3) Login:

Now irctc tatkal booking time is 10 am to 12 pm .you will login at 9.50am because irctc web site was restart at 9.50 am before tatkal booking start .If you already login mean at the time server restart your session will be closed so again you want to login Continue Reading →

Good exam preparation is about planning and discipline. Applying rigor and good self-discipline to one’s efforts will put them in good stead for doing one’s best. Here is a guide one can use to prepare and help ensure success on examination day.

Time is the most important aspect of studying for an examination. The earlier one can get started the more material that can be adequately and thoroughly covered. How much time is needed depends on a number of factors, namely the amount of material to be covered and the difficulty of the material. When deciding how much time is necessary, break down the material in manageable subject and sub-subject components. Based on the extent of the material, one can allocate the applicable amount of study time needed. Be realistic with estimates.

Once you have a sense of the number of hours you need to dedicate to the material determine how many hours a day or week one can devote to studying. It is also important to be realistic, but don’t underestimate things either. Allocating only a few hours a week will not get the job done. One should try and devote some time just about every day to their study and preparation efforts. Continue Reading →

If there’s one thing that Mark Zuckerberg has learned in Facebook’s short life as a public company, it’s that Wall Street is an unforgiving place. The Street cares little about wide-eyed talk about making the world a more connected place. Even Facebook’s recent announcement that it now has 1 billion users — roughly a seventh of the world’s entire population — logging onto Facebook at least once a month did nothing to help the stock, which now trades at about half its IPO price of $38 a share.

Wall Street, in short, wants to see the money.

It seems that Zuckerberg has gotten the message. In recent months, Facebook has rolled out product after product aimed squarely at boosting Facebook’s bottom line — from letting members send friends physical gifts to giving them the option to pay $7 to promote their posts to their Facebook friends and subscribers. Most of these efforts won’t trickle down to Facebook’s financial results when the company reports its third-quarter earnings on Tuesday. Instead, investors will be looking for words of encouragement — hopefully, with some specifics — from Zuckerbrerg and his chief lieutenants, COO Sheryl Sandberg and CFO David Ebersman. Continue Reading →

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Spam is probably the most annoying thing the internet has to offer. It’s vile, it invades your private email, and it always has malicious intent.

If you’re already overrun by it, do it like in war: drop everything and start running. Because it’s a battle you’re going to lose. Find a good email provider and make yourself a new account. Import all your old contacts from the enemy territory. Watch out so you don’t import a spammer too. If there’s a contact you’re not sure you know, then you’re not going to miss it.

Now you’re all set with a new email, clean and crisp. Here’s two guidelines that will keep this one clear:

1. Do not make accounts on all websites you see. Some sell their database to spammers, some get hacked and get their databases sold to spammers. And you start over again. Do not provide your email address to any website that asks for it. If it won’t grant you access otherwise, leave it. Continue Reading →

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If you are looking to get yourself a new job, then you should certainly know how to get ready for your next job. There are several issues that you need to keep in mind before you train for a new job. First of all, you must always try as much as possible to develop interest in the kind of job that you are hoping to get. Working for the sake of making money may not be so easy. This is because it is very difficult for you to be productive when you are doing something that you do not even like. It is therefore important for you to weigh your options and go for a job that excites you most. This will ensure that you pursue it regardless of the challenges that you may have to go through.

Once you have identified the particular career that you would like to get into, it is important for you to try and get some knowledge in it. If for example you wish to be a real estate agent, then it is necessary for you to further your education in the area. There are several online resources that can be of great help to you with this regard. Indeed the world has changed so much that you can literally get education through the Internet at your own time. Developing this knowledge in the field that you are interested in will ensure that you do not have a very difficult time once you begin the job you wish to pursue. Continue Reading →

When you are getting started with a new business venture or entrepreneurial effort, the most important thing of all is going to be the manner in which this “start” occurs; after all, if you get a slow start on your business – to where it takes a while for you to gain any traction, and takes a while for the money to start coming in – you may end up in a position where you are having to shut down this business because it is not turning a profit quickly enough, but when you get a fast start out of the gate, you will have a much better chance of continuing to raise this success over the long haul!

One of the first things you will need to realize is the importance of prototyping your business idea before you dump a lot of money into something that may not work; of course, there is no guarantee that anything at all “will” or “will not” work – but when you properly prototype something early on, you will have a much better idea of whether or not this “something” is something worth continuing to pursue.

Another thing to make sure you understand is that branding your business will be vital – but this does not mean you need to spend huge chunks of money in order to brand your business; in fact, there are ways these days to brand a business with no money at all, or to brand a business with a small budget – which will enable you to build your business the right way, without beginning with huge setup costs you now have to worry about recovering. Continue Reading →

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Today, branding isn’t optional. You are a 24/7 walking, talking billboard. Every day, in everything you do – how you interact, how you dress, what your website looks like, how you speak – you tell the world about yourself.

People are buying only one thing from you – the way the engagement (hiring you, working with you, learning from you, using your product or service, etc.) makes them FEEL. And the only way to be considered awesome is to earn a piece of valuable real estate in your potential clients’ hearts and minds.

We are inundated on a daily basis with more information that our brains can possibly handle. In order to stand out and be memorable, you’ve got to make an emotional connection, using your passion, personality and personal story. Continue Reading →

Apple’s iPhone 5 may be the most sought after phone in the world. For those who love the flashy iphone, Gold & Co. of London has created a 24-karat gold-plated iPhone 5, looks awesome.

On September 27 in Dubai Mall, Gold & Co unveiled the world’s first 24-karat gold-plated iPhone 5.

The strictly limited edition phones are available in rose gold, are each individually numbered, also presented in handcrafted wooden boxes with a guarantee and authenticity certificate, and are available ready for pre-order.

The latest iPhone sports a larger four-inch retina display screen that is 18% thinner and 20% lighter than its predecessor.

The roomier screen of the iPhone 5, which has 40% more colour saturation, this can be used by apps makers to provide most accurate display in the industry.

The new Apple’s iPhone 5 comes with Apple’s newest ‘A6′ processor, which runs twice as fast as the previous generation. It will pack three microphones, enhancing built-in voice assistant Siri, and an 8 megapixel camera that can take panoramic views.

With the iPhone, Apple is now shipping new ‘EarPods’ audiophones with it, this is designed after digitally scanning hundreds of ears.

The iPhone 5 has chips that support additional bands and frequencies and it’s capable of delivering up to 100 Mbps per second.

The iPhone 5 is getting a new connector to attach to computers and chargers. It had been using the same one from the iPod. That means the new iPhone won’t be compatible with old accessories.

Effective Online Marketing Strategy For Small Businesses:

It is very critical that small business marketers focus carefully. Here are some Effective online marketing strategy in online for successful business

The Importance of Google in online Google is considered to be the best search engine with approximately 80% of users in online, it is critical to primarily focus only SEO on Google. Yahoo and Bing are less important part of search engine marketing along with Google search engine.

Keyword Selection : Pick keywords that are relevant to your business but also fairly easy to rank for. Look for multi-word phrases or ‘long-tail keywords’ as they are usually less competitive. use the best keyword tool like google adwords tool, semrush, etc., to analyse the best keyword with high search volume and lower in competition to rank faster in search engine for more traffic.

Content is King : In online marketing every one knows very well that content is king and plays a great role in internet marketing to attract visitors. create quality content with usefull informations for more business productivity in online. Be sure that prospective customers are attracted to your site as a place to find answers.

Social Media : Focus on the top social media venues like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, etc.,. one should be real and very supportive and active in helping the community rather than promoting their business products

Always Track the Progress of your Effectiveness in Inbound Marketing. Select a strategy based on experience with customers and industry to get customers to both like visit and convert on the website.

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