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Google recently added a new feature in “Google My business listing” that Users can add a Post through their Google my business listing admin panel

How to create a Post and managed

In Google My Business Panel, the posts related things are appeared.

The post creation process is varying from mobile and desktop. But the basic work flow will remain the same.


  • To create a post in Google My Business,
  • Initially select the location that you would like to manage
  • Then click “Create Post,” and then press “Publish.”

Below the post area in each location you can able to do edit, delete them and see the analytics.

As per the post type some specific requirements are said by Google. Those are listed below;

Photos: Should be minimum of 720px X 720px and should be in JPG or PNG format.

Title: Only upto 58 characters.

For additional details: No more than 1,500 characters

Call-to-action: No more than a few words.

Those posts are appeared in the Google Listing page as shown below in the image.


This important new feature permits companies to make short, time-sensitive, content items that seem as a part of maps and search results.Posts are around in varied iterations for a short while, however Google unbroken access restricted to politicians, celebrities, sports groups, and a choose few alternative teams.

Posts are incorporated into results on each Google search and maps. every bit is essentially to a small degree of micro-content that is supposed to supplement a business’s overall listing.

There are four main components:Time (when it absolutely was posted/how long it’s relevant for), a visible (image/graphic), a headline, extra text, and a click able call-to-action.

There are multiple types of Posts:

Events: Occasions/Scheduled experience

Offers/specials: Limited-time sales or discounts

News: Announcements and Updates from your concern

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