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Develop Android Apps Without Coding

Posted by admin on August - 9 - 2016

Need to develop Android Application and You are lack of programming skills, Don’t Worry about it. Now you can develop bug free and responsive android application by using the ““MIT App Inventor”.
MIT App Inventor is an open source application. It is created by tech giant Google and maintained by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This MIT App Inventor is also called as “App Inventor for Android” MIT App Inventor allows newcomers to computer programming to create software applications for the Android operating system.

Many of them might think that what we have to do with this MIT App inventor and how it can be worked. This MIT App Inventor basically allows the newcomers who have very basic knowledge about the computer programming.
This MIT app uses the graphical interface which allows the user to drag and drop the visual objects to create the application. This is an open source tool so we can easily convert our creative ideas into Android applications. MIT App Inventor is a cloud-based browser, so don’t want to download any software or save anything to our computer.
As told initially it is an open source tool, so anyone can use this tool. This is free, but the user of this application should have a google account. To create the new application project in your browser, user need to sign-in with their Google account.
In order to get the app live preview, connect your android mobile to your computer, instead of mobile you can use the Android emulator. Using this feature user can easily adjust the developed application behavior. To create App Inventor, Google earned significant prior research in educational computing and the work done within Google in online development environments.

To start using the App Inventor, just click here, then you need to give the application access to your Google account. If you still need to know few more details click here to explore more about the App Inventor.

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