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Sublime Text Editor

Posted by admin on March - 22 - 2017 Comments Off on Sublime Text Editor

Sublime Text Editor: Sublime Text may be a proprietary cross-platform Python application programming interface(API) text file editor with a Python application programming interface (API). It natively supports several programming languages and markup languages, and its practicality may be extended by users with plugins, usually community-built and maintained underneath free-software licenses. Sublime Text can be a delicate text editor for code, markup and prose. You’ll love the slick software package, extraordinary  [ Read More ]

Online Collaboration Tool

Posted by admin on March - 14 - 2017 Comments Off on Online Collaboration Tool

These time period collaboration tools create your style work easier… where you’re within the world. Slack Google Keep Trello Yammer MindMeister Idea Flip Slack: Want to enhance communication along with your team? Or work remotely however still keep in touch? Collaboration tool Slack may be a fantastic answer for clear, period communication that keeps everybody within the loop. Perfect for anyone managing a team of remote workers, Slack allows project  [ Read More ]

Super Logout

Posted by admin on March - 7 - 2017 Comments Off on Super Logout

Now a day, security is the priority for all computers and smart phone. Hackers are discovering many methods for hack our accounts. Every one exploitation several social network website like Facebook, Youtube, Google Plus and etc. However, hit the logout button when we have a tendency to square measure done employing a laptop/computer is that the most boring task, and that we invariably neglect to hit that Logout button. Well,  [ Read More ]

Facts about Vimeo

Posted by admin on March - 4 - 2017 Comments Off on Facts about Vimeo

Vimeo is the competitor of youtube channel. It is one of the top video sharing platforms It was started in the year 2004 It is the first sharing site of video content which allows the users to upload videos in high definition Vimeo platforms do not allow any video advertisements. It is AD free platform. It allows High Definition (HD) videos alone play   The vimeo video has no limits  [ Read More ]

Create and Share Lists of Google Map’s location

Posted by admin on February - 24 - 2017 Comments Off on Create and Share Lists of Google Map’s location

Google has recently introduced a new method in google map mobile app that, users can save a particular location and can create the list of the location for future references. And also they can share those list to their friends, family and share to public. But this new feature is available in both andriod and iOS mobile devices google map app. Initially search and find the location, save location to  [ Read More ]

Free tools to edit and convert the PDF Files

Posted by admin on February - 1 - 2017 Comments Off on Free tools to edit and convert the PDF Files

PDF files are used to exchange document reliably. There are free tools to edit a PDF files. Those tools are: iLove PDF PDF Booklet YAC Reader iLove PDF: iLove PDF is free tool and it mainly used for PDF formatting and file adjustment like we can do merge multiple file and able to convert the PDF file into some other format. Features: Split PDF files into multiple smaller files. Compress  [ Read More ]

Share X

Posted by admin on January - 4 - 2017 Comments Off on Share X
Share-X- Screenshot

Share X is forgive gate source application used for capturing screen shot, screen recorder, file sharing and etc. It uses various methods of capturing screenshots including full screen, window, monitor, region, freehand, scrolling, and more. After the capturing tasks completed we can realize customization considering toting taking place effects, annotating, watermarking. And furthermore make a get bond of your hands on printing and optional connection events Then we can make  [ Read More ]

GitHub Pages

Posted by admin on December - 19 - 2016 Comments Off on GitHub Pages
Github Pages

Github pages provide the hosting for the user’s designed personal, organisation, or project pages in the github repository. Users can able to create and publish their Github pages online using the Jekyll Theme Chooser. If users prefer to work localy they can have to use the GitHub Desktop or command line. Creating a GitHub Pages site with the Jekyll Theme Chooser: Users can create a Pages in new or existing  [ Read More ]

Youtube channel to learn coding

Posted by admin on December - 5 - 2016 Comments Off on Youtube channel to learn coding
youtube channel

Youtube is the most popular video service. Learning the stuff with the help of videos is a best way to understand the things like the same, some different youtube channels are provide the videos to learn coding. Here the below channels list, Derek Banas Learn code.academy ProgrammingKowledge Tuts+ Web Design Brad Hussey Coder’s Guide Derek Banas This channel consists of the videos explains the whole concepts of Java, PHP, C++,  [ Read More ]


Posted by admin on November - 29 - 2016 Comments Off on Markdown

Mark down is a conversion tool which is used for web writers to convert the plain text into HTML format. Mark down are allows you to write using an easy-to-read, easy-to-write plain text format, then convert it to  HTML. Plaintext are nothing but the regular alphabet, with a few familiar symbols, like asterisks ( * ) and backticks ( ` ). Markdown is used to format the readme files, to  [ Read More ]