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Careers vs Job: Following your Passion

Posted by admin on October - 28 - 2015

At first look, it might probably look extremely similar because a job is something that you do everyday to build a strong career. The two are co-related but the big question is, are you doing something that you are passionate about?
“Follow your Passion” – an ubiquitous phrase found around the globe where people advice young newbies to follow their passion which will eventually lead to a job and a career. In reality, even though, it’s not completely false, they don’t elaborate on some of the hurdles that one has to pass before achieving the ultimate goal.

Difference between Passion and Hobby

Do you love gardening? If yes, is it possible to build a job out of it in 90-days? Probably not! A lot of passionate hobbies primarily exist to offer a sense of accomplishment to the individual and keep them afloat irrespective of the problems they might face. While there are a lot of things you like doing – be it acting, singing, cooking or writing which has the potential to be turned into a lucrative career, there are plenty others that can’t be build into a career.
Once you realize that what you love is purely a hobby, it’s the right time to focus on your current job and explore its numerous career opportunities. Doing something everyday to pay the bills may not reap long term results which is why it is mandatory to focus on a path that could lead to better paycheck and position.

Choosing the Right Path

When you are looking to turn your job into a passionate career, there are some factors to take into account when following your passion. After all, the key to success is making mistakes and learning new things out of it. If you find yourself bored in your current job, ask some of these questions for a detailed self-analysis.

Do you not enjoy doing what you do now?

Is it so repetitive and doesn’t sync with things you are passionate about?

Are you not inclined to get out of your bed every day to go to job?

Most will probably answer yes to at least one question but that doesn’t mean you have to instantly change your career. There is a huge difference between passion and interest. A lot of people love to draw, write stories and take photographs. But, does it mean they can pursue a career in this field?

Not at all because it’s an interest they enjoy and it’s easy to pursue it while continuing a day job. Instead of trying to quit altogether, combine your passion and career in a straight line. Why not join an advertising company or a magazine publisher where photography is part of the job irrespective of the role? If you love writing, you can start off as a journalist and become a novelist when the time comes.

A strong career can be built only out of a job you are passionate about and not something you do to pay your bills every month. Besides, when the time comes to retire, self-satisfaction will play a crucial role in determining how you live the rest of your life.

Dreamers dream! Idealists are more pessimistic! Combine the best of both worlds and become a “Dreamist” to taste success in a lucrative career that satisfies your inner cravings.

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