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Best Disk Space Analyzer for Windows 10

Posted by admin on August - 21 - 2017

With the advance within the quality of media files, games and code, our laptops, systems have become hungrier for a lot of space for storing with each passing day. in spite of however vast your system’s disc drive is, you’re eventually, attending to see the low storage error.


When that point comes, you’ll be able to either delete the un required information or move the massive files to an external disc drive. And for this purpose, you’ll would like the assistance of a disc space analyser tool that’ll show all of your information in a simple to know format and assist you manage it. So, let’s look at my prime picks of ten best disk analyser code for Windows to liberate storage in your laptop.


It may not be one amongst the foremost lovely tools, however is unquestionably one amongst the foremost reliable disk analyzers you’ll ever realize. WinDirStat could be a quick analyser tool that has 3 default panels to point out you info concerning your disk area.

Below you’ll see a treemap of the information shown in bars of varied size supported their actual size on the disc drive. It makes it terribly straightforward to ascertain which sort of files are taking the foremost area.


There is a column on the correct listing all the file varieties along side a treemap bar color to quickly realize them within the tree map. And after all, there’s a totally disobedient file mortal section wherever you’ll be able to skim through your knowledge and delete, move and manage it as you please.

Download WinDirStat


  • Shows treemap.
  • Built-in cleanup options.
  • Easy to pinpoint file types and their size.


DiskSavvy may be a extremely advanced disk analysis tool that gives nice customization choices whereas still being simple to use. Its free version is quite enough for normal users, however if you would like to scan TBs of knowledge and need advanced options like network drive support or instruction support, then you’ll ought to upgrade to the paid versions.


Although it solely shows knowledge together with its size, it’s a special filters section that enables you to see knowledge victimization handy reason. a number of these classes embody, by extension, modification time, accessed time, creation time, user name some a lot of. you’ll be able to additionally use pie and bar charts, however they aren’t interactive.


  • Comprehensive filtering system.
  • Plugin support.
  • See top 100 large files.

Download Disksavvy


It has associate interactive interface that creates it terribly straightforward to differentiate between files/folders and installable programs. i actually liked its bit of animations that create the program look cool, however at a similar time facilitate visually pinpoint information simply.


All the information is shown as titles with the name of file or folder written thereon. you’ll be able to double-click on every title to dig deeper and appearance for giant files. you’ll be able to export the information to a file and additionally scan memory device devices. I additionally extremely liked its “More detail” feature that shows you a lot of details a few hand-picked drive as you click thereon.


  • Scan external storage devices.
  • Offers great visual representation with animations.
  • Easily dig deeper into folders.

Download SpaceSniffer


TreeSize has each free and paid versions, however the free version works nice if you wish one thing fast and easy. If you’re not a disciple of tiles, charts or treemaps, then TreeSize free version will certainly attract you.
It merely shows all the folders and files in your drive along side their size written next to them. the info is additionally organized from huge files to tiny, therefore you’ll simply pinpoint the offender.

t’s paid version for private use shows 3D charts and treemaps for correct illustration and you will even pinpoint duplicate files. If you’re curious about scanning network drives and servers similarly, then you’ll would like TreeSize skilled version.


  • Shows data in GBs or percentage.
  • Very easy to use with simple interface.
  • Great illustration features in the paid version.

Download TreeSize


GetFoldersize could be a bit kind of like TreeSize free version because it conjointly solely shows folders and their size on the drive. However, it comes with extra tools moreover that you just might notice fascinating.

Apart from the folders panel, there’s another panel that enables you to see only the files within the chosen folder. to boot, leads to each of the panels are often filtered simply by getting into file extension or name of the files/folders.


Best of all, it also can scan network drives and list knowledge within it. One downside though is that I found GetFoldersize to be terribly slow as compared to several different tools during this list. And it conjointly has fastened read in GBs, MBs or KBs, thus it a trifle degree|somewhat|slightly|alittle} onerous to trace precise size of too huge or too small files/folders.


  • It can scan network drives.
  • You can filter results.
  • Makes it easy to differentiate between files and folders.

Download GetFoldersize


JDiskReport incorporates a extremely sleek interface with several handy options. What I didn’t like concerning it’s that its scanning is therefore painfully slow, that I didn’t even sit up for the total disk scan. However, it does an eye-opening job of showing details and no different free program will even comparable thereto.


To start with, it shows all the data in an intractable pie chart with each files and folders size written on that. you’ll get a chart for file extension varieties to visualize which kind of files are the matter. what is more, there’s a very useful “Top fifty” section that shows high 50 giant files in any location you decide on.

On high of that, you’ll see information by changed time to visualize that files you don’t use typically and find obviate them.


  • See top 50 large files.
  • Reliable representation using pie charts.
  • Interactive interface.
  • Built-in themes to change UI look.

Download JDiskReport

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