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Posted by admin on October - 24 - 2016

AutoHotkey (AHK) is a open-source macro-creation and automation software for Windows. It allows users to automate repetitive tasks. Autohotkey is driven by a scripting language that was initially aimed at providing keyboard shortcuts, otherwise known as hotkeys. you will need to download it. After downloading it, you may possibly need to install it. But that depends on the version you want.

To downalod:

To Download autohotkey Click Here
During installation of AutoHotkey, you will be asked to choose from UNICODE or ANSI. In short, you would probably want to choose UNICODE. It has support for non-English letters and numbers (characters). Keep going until you see an Install button.

How to create a script

Once you have AutoHotkey installed, you have to do “Scripting”.

Scripting instructions:

1. Right-Click on your desktop.
2. Find “New” in the menu.
3. Click “AutoHotkey Script” inside the “New” menu.
4. Give the script a new name. Note: It must end with a .ahk extension. Ex. MyScript.ahk
5. Find the newly created file on your desktop and Right-Click it.
6. Click “Edit Script”.
7. A window should have popped up, probably Notepad. If so, SUCCESS!

Here is a very basic script containing a Hotkey which types text using the Send command when the hotkey is pressed.

Send, My First Script

We will get more in-depth later on. Until then, here’s an explanation of the above code.
– The first line. ^j:: is the Hotkey. ^ means CTRL, j is the letter j. Anything to the left of :: are the keys you need to press.
– The second line. Send, My First Script is how you SEND keystrokes. SEND is the command, anything after the comma (,) will be typed.
– The third line. Return. Return will become your best friend. It literally STOPS code from going any further, to the lines below. This will prevent many issues when you start having a lot of stuff in your scripts.

8. Save the File.
9. Double-Click the file/icon in the desktop to run it. Open notepad or (anything you can type in) and press Ctrl and J.
10. Hip Hip Hooray! Your first script is done.

Keys and their mysterious symbols

Symbol Description
# –  Win (Windows logo key)
!  – Alt
^ – Control
+  – Shift
&  – An ampersand may be used between any two keys or mouse buttons to combine them into a custom hotkey.

To know more refer:

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