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Alternatives of Microsoft Paint

Posted by admin on August - 7 - 2017

Recently Microsoft officially announced that they deprecated Microsoft Paint. Of course that app hasn’t been updated since Windows 7. Any way this was the bad news for us. So let us talk about the alternatives of Microsoft Paint.

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  • NET
  • IrfanView
  • Pinta
  • Photoscape
  • Fotor


Paint.NET started life as a student project back in 2004, however it’s since grown up to become one of the most effective free image editors on the Windows OS. If you’re a light-weight user, it’s even a legitimate different to full suites like Photoshop and GIMP

If you’re coming back from Microsoft Paint, one of the most important things you’ll wish is familiarity, and Paint.NET has it in abundance. The most screen appearance terribly just like the Microsoft app.

Dig somewhat deeper, however, and it’s filled with options that create the app shine.

They embody Photoshop-esque layers, a massive variety of lighting tricks, unlimited undo/redo, an array of tools for drawing shapes, and most significantly for several users, near-endless plugins.

To give you a plan, the community-supported PDF document that lists all the plugins is 95 pages long! If that sounds too intimidating, don’t worry. you’ll download packs of the foremost common plugins that focus on bound themes (e.g. additional brushes, colors, effects). Some even have installers.

To Download: Paint.NET


If Paint.NET is just too difficult and you’re searching for one thing additional basic, IrfanView can be the tool for you.

Some of the headline options are nearly clone of Microsoft Paint. The app has easy-to-draw shapes, tools for rotating, flipping and resizing pictures, and one-click buttons for converting pictures to greyscale and different color palettes.

Irfan view

IrfanView additionally offers some practicality that’s missing in Paint however that makes victimisation the app easier and a lot of gratifying. for example, it’s image previews, support for a lot of file formats, and even the flexibility to open animated GIFs.

Lastly, professionals can still be able to rely on the app for tasks due to its support for Photoshop filters, batch conversion, and IPTC metadata.

To Download: Irfanview


If you’ve been being attentive, you may notice Pinta appearance instantly acquainted. Why? as a result of it’s supported the antecedently mentioned Paint.NET.

The app isn’t quite as feature-laden as its inspiration, creating it an improved different for those that wish the Microsoft Paint familiarity while not all the additional pro-level options they’ll ne’er use.


However, simply because it’s not capable Paint.NET, don’t write it off. Pinta supports layers, provides unlimited history, has 35 effects, and includes easy-to-use drawing tools.

Perhaps most apparently, it takes a different approach to the workspace before of you. You’ll initiate any window to create it float, and even use a mix of docked windows and floating windows to fit your wants.

To get: Pinta


Photoscape is mainly focused on Photo editing. If you employ Microsoft Paint to edit and tweak snaps you’ve got taken, it’s the right replacement.

It offers photo-orientated which is absent on Paint. For example, you can easily combine multiple photos into one image or watch your photos in a slideshow. You can also convert images from the RAW format into JPEGs or splice your photos into multiple pieces.


As you’d expect, it incorporates a comprehensive basic editor. you’ll be able to use it to size your image, change the brightness and color, amendment the white balance, correct the backlight, add text, draw footage, add filters, take away fly, and more.

Lastly, Photoscape incorporates a cool tool that enables you to print lined, graph, music, and calendar paper using your pictures.

To Download: Photoscape


Fotor created its name as a online image editor, however currently you’ll be able to transfer the package as a standalone Windows app that’ll work offline.

Like Photoscape, editing photos is Fotor’s bread and butter, however it additionally works well for editing screenshots and other pictures.


The app will build straightforward changes like resizing and cropping, includes many free fonts, and offers a form drawing tool. It additionally has some basic enhance tools.

Fotor is entirely free to download and use, however it’s additionally the sole app on this list that gives a paid tier. For $3.33 per month, you get 100 new effects, a huge range of stickers and photo frames, professional-grade touch-up tools, and an ad-free expertise.

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