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Advanced Online Search

Posted by admin on August - 14 - 2017

Most of you almost believe only on Google Search. The ever-present program has lots of helpful options to assist you chop down your results, it’s a poor replacement for mistreatment the dedicated in-app search tools.


Here are some useful advanced searches, aided by a few tips to help you.

Google Advanced Search

Let’s begin by taking a fast refresher on some of Google’s advanced search options.

To access the Advanced Search interface, navigate to The tool is two-fold.


First, use the primary a part of form to specify the categories of pages you would like to go looking. For instance, you’ll be able to enter keywords, find actual words or phrases, exclude words, and search ranges of numbers.

Then, use the second a part of the form to narrow your results even additional. There square measure fields for language, region, last update, file type, and more.

Kindle Advanced Search

Do you own a Kindle? If you’ve had one for a protracted time, you may have designed up a library of lots of, if not thousands, of books.


But what happens after you need to search out some information from a book you’ve read? If you’re a fanatical reader, it will usually be not possible to recall the precise book, chapter, or page you wish.

Luckily, Kindles automatically index all the content on the device. As such, you’ll use the advanced search feature to search out words, phrases, books, authors, and near to the rest.

To use the feature, faucet the Search icon at the highest of the screen and enter your search term. The device can automatically show the highest results. To check additional results, press the little arrow on the right-hand facet of the box. Currently you’ll be ready to filter by book titles, the Kindle Store, and text among books. You’ll additionally see associate choice to search Wikipedia and also the dictionary.

Twitter Advanced Search

We transient nature of Twitter makes its difficult fine older content. After all, the service deals with quite 350,000 tweets per minute.

Even if you saw anything on your own timeline, scrolling back through your history could be a thankless task. If you follow plenty of users, it’ll be buried in no time.


Twitter’s advanced search feature helps you dig out those previous gems. To get started, attend

Like Google’s tool, you’ll be able to narrow down the results using keywords, phrases, excluded words, and language. The feature additionally has some Twitter-specific fields. you’ll be able to search by hash tag, date, and place, still as by user (sent by, sent to, and mentioned).

eBay Advanced Search

Are you troubled to seek out the best purchase on eBay? There’s such a lot stuff (and, let’s be honest, lots of it’s junk), that’s laborious to seek out the proper product. Once again, the advanced search tool is your friend.


It’s one among the foremost in depth advanced search tools on this list. All the fields you’d expect to ascertain — like keywords and classes — square measure gift. however scroll down the page, and you’ll notice wherever the feature shines. It’s extremely spectacular.

For example, you’ll be able to search by the condition of the item, specify the shopping for format (auction, buy it now, classified ads), value more highly to solely list sellers than settle for PayPal, confirm the quantity of your time left in AN auction, organize results by variety of bids, specify the delivery choices, and a full ton a lot of.

Go to to get started.

YouTube Advanced Search

YouTube is another app with a dizzying quantity of content. At the time of writing, it might take you concerning 95,000 years to look at the 820 million hours of footage. you would like to chop through it all somehow.


On the face of it, the advanced search isn’t nice. Once you’ve probe for a term, you’ll be able to click the Filters box to prepare your results by quality, length, date, and a few different parameters.

Creative Commons Advanced Search

Looking for a picture to accompany your work may be a tract. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re a student, knowledgeable, or a blogger, you would like to form certain you’ve got the proper to use the image in question.


The simplest thanks to cowl yourself if to use an original Commons image. Yes, there are still some licensing problems you would like to think about, however you’ll air abundant safer ground.

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