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Archive for September, 2017

Proto – Explorer

Posted by admin on September - 25 - 2017 Comments Off on Proto – Explorer

Proto is a quick, next-gen, file manager software. Unlike to all the Norton Commander clones, this project introduces a new approach to handling files. Incorporates a number of the Jef Raskin’s concepts relating to “Humane Interface”. it’s a load of interesting options that are value testing. It is a next generation file manager. Very quick with a load of attention-grabbing options. It is written in C# & .NET 3.5. are  [ Read More ]

Google Tez

Posted by admin on September - 22 - 2017 Comments Off on Google Tez
Google Tez, digital payment by Tez, UPI payment, Tez app, Google Tez app, Tez in india, Google, google, upi, bhim, phonepe, android, ios, apps, payments app

Google Tez, which is the first UPI-enabled digital payments app was launched in India. Google Tez works with all major Indian banks and the all majority of smart phones, so you can pay or get paid by almost anyone. For sending money so easy to understand it supports languages are English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu Google Tez is a mobile wallet based on the Unified Payments  [ Read More ]

Note-Taking Apps for Programmers

Posted by admin on September - 18 - 2017 Comments Off on Note-Taking Apps for Programmers

Making a Web, mobile, or desktop app could be a huge enterprise, and sensible note-taking skills are key to staying organized and not succumbing to fret, despair, and burnout. But most note-taking apps aren’t designed with programmers in mind, and that they may be therefore frustrating to use that they drive you to offer notes entirely. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and rounded up the simplest note-taking tools for coders.  [ Read More ]

Take Screenshots in Firefox without Any Add-ons

Posted by admin on September - 11 - 2017 Comments Off on Take Screenshots in Firefox without Any Add-ons
Screenshot with firefox, firefox screenshot, Share screenshot online, Screenshot features in firefox, Firefox features, Browser screenhsot without addons

This feature is especially helpful if you’re coming up with on sharing screenshots online, or tend to require screenshots in your browser for sharing on social media. Here we discuss about how to enable the Screenshots in Firefox. Steps to enable Firefox’s screenshot feature Make sure you should have the latest Firefox version. In the browser address bar, type about:config and hit Enter. You’ll see a warning that this would  [ Read More ]

Use Excel to Calculate Between Dates

Posted by admin on September - 4 - 2017 Comments Off on Use Excel to Calculate Between Dates
Excel formula, Calculate between dates, Microsoft Excel, Excel calculation, Calculate between days, Calculate between years, Calculate between months, Satvat Infosol

Calculating the number of days between two dates by your own thinking is too difficult for long-term dates. You need math ability to find the days. Don’t believe me? How many days are there between March 19, 2014 and May 10, 2017? If you can able to find it within five seconds, then you are the genius. But it takes more time than that. To calculate it, obviously you will  [ Read More ]

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