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Recruitment Process Outsourcin
Recruitment Process Outsourcing in Chennai, RPO, Recruitment Outsourcing, Recruitment, Outsourcing, RPO in Chennai, Online Outsourcing, RPO services India

RECRUITMENT PROCESS OUTSOURCING (RPO) RPO-TODAY’S CHALLENGES TOMORROW’S OPPORTUNITIES Build the perfect team of employees with SATVAT’S – RPO SATVAT INFOSOL provides recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and work behind the scene while you concentrate on your core competency areas i.e. management and leadership that enables superior results to be achieved towards the attainment of ...

Web design and development

Choosing the right and best web design and Development Company yields life time results and you make the right decision when you choose SATVAT as your web design and web Development Company. When you choose SATVAT INFOSOL, you choose professionalism, dedication, quality, experience, and a lifetime relationship. Your company's, personality, professionalism and ...

Online Examination
Online Examination Services

SATVAT INFOSOL’s online examination system is fully  customizable to suit your need. Having served both top-notch educational institutions and corporate, our online exams system has proved its quality. Given SATVAT’S vast experience in the Indian environment and having conducted computer based entrance examination successfully over the last 5 years, SATVAT has ...

Admission Process Outsourcing

APO - Admission Process Outsourcing SATVAT INFOSOL has made an impact in the field of Admission Process Outsourcing where we work as the “Admissions Office” and are an extended team of the college/ University. The outsourcing process works elegantly and has saved institutions costs of manpower and also helps them take specialists for ...

Ebalak - Children's Monthly CD
Children's CD magazine

GET GREAT VALUE THROUGHOUT THE YEAR WITH E-BALAK - A complete E-Learning solution for kids. A CHILDREN’S MONTHLY CD MAGAZINE DEVELOPED BY SATVAT INFOSOL, an ISO: 9001:2008 Certified company. E-Balak, a kid’s magazine published by Satvat Infosol is a monthly CD Magazine developed exclusively for children. E-Balak propels the imagination of the ...

Microsoft: Stop Using The Internet Explorer

Posted by admin on February - 12 - 2019 0 Comment

Microsoft: Stop Using The Internet Explorer We all know very well that dropping or killing a regular habit that has accompanied us for a long time is quite tough, but the fact is that if the habit becomes harmful then make sure clearly that we should quit that habit as soon as possible.Now according to the latest reports, the tech giant Microsoft wants you to stop using the well-known and  [ Read More ]

Beware of Unsafe Firefox Extensions

Posted by admin on March - 5 - 2018 Comments Off on Beware of Unsafe Firefox Extensions

Extensions add all varieties of new functionality to your browser that it doesn’t have out of the box. Whereas we have a tendency to love add-ons, sadly they aren’t all trustworthy. For every productivity-boosting extension, there’s a useless or malicious one that desires to trace your habits, spam you with ads, or maybe hijack your browsing. If you have got any of the below Firefox extensions put in, we have  [ Read More ]

Google AdMob – Mobile App Advertising

Posted by admin on February - 26 - 2018 Comments Off on Google AdMob – Mobile App Advertising

AdMob is employed and trustworthy by app developers than the other ad platform worldwide, including with these high partners.   Monetize Your Mobile Apps AdMob, to not be confused with Adsense, could be a mobile app advertising platform designed specifically for app developers. AdMob helps app developers monetize their mobile apps by showing ads in their mobile apps. How AdMob Works You can use AdWords to create app install campaigns  [ Read More ]

SEO Techniques and Strategies for 2018

Posted by admin on February - 19 - 2018 Comments Off on SEO Techniques and Strategies for 2018

In this article, let us discuss the latest and SEO techniques and strategies to incorporate in 2018. Apply these White hat SEO techniques to increase more search engine traffic for your Website Make Your Site Super-Fast-fast Web users don’t have that abundant patience to attend for websites that take an excessive amount of time to load. As a merchandiser, place yourself within the customers’ shoes and believe it: How long  [ Read More ]

Dragula – Drag & Drop plugin for Website

Posted by admin on February - 12 - 2018 Comments Off on Dragula – Drag & Drop plugin for Website
Dragula, Drag and Drop Option for Website, Drag & Drop to Website Easily with Dragula, Website Drag and Drop, Free Drag and Drop option for website, Free Drag and Drop Option

Are you looking for Drag and Drop features and its free library? Then Dragula is the best solution for it. This free script allows you to add drag & drop options for any part on your page. This includes support for the React & AngularJS frameworks, together with vanilla JavaScript. Dragula is super easy to set up and it comes with a bunch of custom triggers for user behaviours. This  [ Read More ]

Online Project Management Tools for Small Teams

Posted by admin on February - 5 - 2018 Comments Off on Online Project Management Tools for Small Teams
Online Project Management tool, Project Management Tool, Project Management Tool for Small Team, Free Online Management Tool, Free Online Management Tool for Small Teams, Trello, Podio, Wrike, MeisterTask, Freedcamp

When it’s time to manage a project for a small team, whether for 2 or 10, what tool does one use? Smaller projects don’t typically need a hefty tool like Microsoft Project. And Microsoft excel is effective, however largely for project tracking. A tool that gives task management, due dates, reminders, and even team communication, all among a friendly interface, is a lot of economical. These on-line project management tools  [ Read More ]

XAMPP Alternatives and Local Servers

Posted by admin on January - 29 - 2018 Comments Off on XAMPP Alternatives and Local Servers

XAMPP is a well-known programming that allows to introduce and run an advancement server on your laptop/ PC (Windows, Mac or Linux) and compose, test, troubleshoot code before going live. This application can introduce various segments which will assist you to code sites and on-line applications on your neighborhood machine, evading prices with facilitating. you’ll be able to introduce these segments like Server: Apache, MySQL, Filezilla FTP Server, Mercury Mail  [ Read More ]

Go – Programming language by Google

Posted by admin on January - 22 - 2018 Comments Off on Go – Programming language by Google
Golang, Go Programming Language, Go Language, Go open source programming language, Programming language developed by Google, Google Language Go

Go language is a programming language initially developed by Google in the year of 2007 by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson. It’s a statically-typed language having syntax like that of C. It provides trash collection, type safety, dynamic-typing capability, several advanced inbuilt varieties like variable length arrays and key-value maps. It also provides a fashionable customary library. The Go programming language was launched in November 2009 and is  [ Read More ]

TiE Global

Posted by admin on January - 18 - 2018 Comments Off on TiE Global

The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE), was founded in 1992 in Silicon Valley by a bunch of successful entrepreneurs, company executives, and senior professionals with roots within the Indus region. Goals & Objectives of TiE TiE Global is non commercial(Non Profitable Organization) venture dedicated to entrepreneurs in all industries, at all stages, from incubation, throughout the entrepreneurial lifecycle. With a world reach and an local focus, the guts of TiE efforts lies  [ Read More ]

Tools To Notify particular Website Content Changes

Posted by admin on January - 8 - 2018 Comments Off on Tools To Notify particular Website Content Changes
Free tools to notify website content changes, Wachete, OnWebChange, ChangeTower, Visualping, Versionista, Website Changes, Web Page changes

To know once a web site changes its content, you’ve got to travel thereto web site and check it oftentimes and manually. This doesn’t sound like more work, unless it involves an e-commerce website or a news web site wherever web page changes happen quickly and suddenly. In such a case, you ought to leave it to web page observance tools. Like worth tracking tools that assist you look wiser,  [ Read More ]

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