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Today, I am going to post about the uses of  online exams to make your career better. Nowadays, most of the people were handling internet as much as possible via mobile phones, tabs, laptops, etc. as well. But 90% of people were surfing for the social media sites only like facebook, twitter, instagram, twoo and so on.

Uses of Online Exams:-

  • First of all, the mental ability of a person/student may develop automatically to present correct answers for the reasonable and logical questions.
  • Second thing is they may get self motivation about their own career.
  • Third thing is that they can update their own knowledge without any master help but with the help of tremendous search engine as well.
  • They may able to recover their syllabus and some interests will be raised to collect the relevant information about the exams as well.

Like that the benefits are too long to say. Nowadays, more and more websites are there to host the online examination  to meet success in your life. So be aware of yourself and make your career bright.

satvat blog posting tips

satvat infosol guest blog posting tips and tricks


To generate organic traffic from high page rank sites by back links to your website/blog having so many techniques, in that way we believe the most one acknowledged by the search engines is Guest blogging. The effective guest blogs will generate high traffic because high quality back link blogs will gladly allow you to place your web page links

Discussing about guest posting looking very easy method while we taking, at the time posting or practice it will arise no of questing how to crate best post and getting right benefit from that post as a links to your web site, so the perfect post might takes more steps

For the perfect blog, you should prepare your post as very informative, updating, and readable. Another main thing is awesome to present, not only these things are enough to google and other search engines will consider your writings

Choose the corresponding and updating topics which is related to your service .also choose the best and perfect matched keyword that illustrate your web site from the anchor text links in the post one more thing is select matched tags and title to your post .your title should questionable like how to join “face book”? Because your can search the queries as verbal format as below

satvat infosol


How to create?

How to download?

What is the guest blogging procedure?

Just placing post in all blogs not provide valid back links and it’s not subject, so get your appropriate opportunity from right place, i.e. choosing a blog or topic which need to match with your business/service is a main thing of guest blogging. So place your post in high relevancy to your site and service. Don’t waste your time by just push post in anonymous blogs

Make sure of choosing right and trendy blogs correlated to your category by the by check alexa rank and page rank of the site homepage, at least go for PR1,PR2 and PR3 if you are not possible to get PR 5,6,7 etc., one more thing check member count ,social connections of the blogs

blog posting satvat infosol

At time of analyzing blog status check the blog commenting allotted for your post .this blog comment brings more traffic to the site/blog

In the place of author bio add your complete details site link and other relative post placed links as an anchor text and add social network icons, which help to user will connect or follow on your social media page. This is change increase likes in  fan page of face book

Some of author bio sample for their own blogs site links, other blog post and social site links

seo company in chennai

online examination system

blog satvat11

If you are continuing blogging in numerous web sites your name and site name will be spread to the user’s .it will help to rise up your website SERPs. The guest blog posting in verity of domains will build relationship with other guest posting bloggers. From these causes your site and business get authority from search engines as well as customers of your business



In between of your blog content add you’re old related some other post link as “anchor text” or like “more details”. Which helps to pick up traffic to your other blog post ranking?

Spend time to create valid content with correct and updated inform prepare simple and perfect get users .Also choose appropriate keywords related to your post

Good Luck …….




Hello Every body  ,let we discus about modern seo techniques  google will update new methods and algorithms by penguin and panda updates  .not only google, yahoo, ask and bing all moderate new methods to search keywords .so seo design also changed now search engine focusing only quality of back links not their quantity so getting rank and make traffic  to web site need to build back links from high page and dofollow websites by some new methods

The major  steps to follow is ,



  • Keyword
  • Content
  • On page optimization

*  Promotions

  • Social Media Sharing
  • Blog Posting
  • Social Book marking
  • Press Releases
  • Article Writing
  • Forum Discussion
  • Blog commenting
  • Business and Local listing
  • Classified Submission
  • Directory Submission






General Instructions


TO increase website ranking  white hat technique  is only one way which is natural  links or organic links . This only provide organic result to website from search engines .Now a days seo techniques are updated by very matched search content ,every search engine will monitoring your page content matched for user search .so here content is king it is obviously true one

Getting organic result to your web site prepare suitable and  own content for your web site it will be technical ,interesting ,modern or updated and instructions .First up all  post the content in your web page it will needful to cover user expectation .next bring users to your web site by sharing that content  in social media’s and blogs .choose the  high page and low page rank web sites and blogs  to share your contents

From the valid contents only people will share with friends , colleagues and customers  .it will create traffic to our site .follow is postings three time per week


Make keyword bank ,which means multiple of keyword with phrases  related to your business or web pages how the people typically search in search engines to reach your web site or business .Incorporate these words into the title of your web page and blog post  also use image names uploaded in your page and blogs .Your web page meta description brief explain about your business with of these keywords

Social Media Network

Social media act is  main role in search engine optimization .to promote your web site ,links ,articles ,blogs and image etc., social media part is main .Business or company focusing facebook and google + as main part and deal the customers by twitter .social media also under rank wise

Social media Application used as following order

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Google +
  • Youtube
  • Blogs
  • Forsquare /other location based sites
  • Digg/Reddit
  • Others


For Blog posting ,Social bookmarking,Directory submission,press release , Article Submission , Forum discussion, Blog commenting ,Business and local listing, Classified advertisement, and etc ., Choose all type high page rank sites like PR9 ,PR8,PR7,PR6 …. and dofollow website  for submission separately .from this gain traffic  and index each and every your page get organic traffic to web site


Back links are add more traffic to your blog/website ,we get  this back links from social book marking site . All social booking site  are not create traffic to your blog or web site the high page rank and dofollow book marking site will create instant traffic to your web page .Here some valuable high page rank and dofollow bookmarking sites are listed by this social book marking site list get traffic to your blog or web site
























By  submitting  your bookmarking links to these sites  get traffic from high page rank and dofollow  links .good luck ….



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IPhone 5c Design

Apple introduce first iPhone that offers multiple bright colors .iPhone 5c comes in five color options that are vibrant and are coated with glossy finish for durability .It’s looks beautifully ,unapologetically plastic ,the beter to bring its five decidedly uncommon colors to life .Smooth surface of the seamless outer shell ,a steel-reinforced frame gives complete integrity structure to out look

Apple Care

Apple provides one year hardware repair with limited warranty and 90 days complementary support


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